Apr 19, 2019

"kirkin' o' the Tartans" celebration, St. John's

June 07, 2009
Cultural Events

The 10 a.m. worship service on June 7 at St. John’s Church will be rife with music and pageantry as the church celebrates its Scottish roots. The annual event honors the Scottish bishop who ordained American-born Samuel Seabury in 1784. Seabury traveled to England in 1783 to become ordained as the first bishop of the Episcopal religion in America . After a year of negotiations in England , he was unable to obtain Episcopal orders because he would not swear allegiance to the crown. Frustrated, he traveled to Scotland where the Scottish bishop quickly ordained him.

The service will feature a procession of bagpipers and drummers led by St. John’s official, registered tartan. The choirs, including St. John’s Memorial Handbell Choir, will perform traditional Scottish tunes under the direction of St. John’s Minister of Music, Lee Rutan.

The Rev. Edward King will bless all tartans and crests presented on the altar in the “Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans” ceremony and encourages the community to bring their family tartan, coat of arms, or crest – regardless of country – for blessing.

A ploughman’s’ lunch will follow the worship service with the traditional foods from Scotland as well as other countries. The meal is free and everyone is welcome to bring a dish to share. St. John’s Church is located at 59 Summer Street and is wheelchair accessible. For more information please call the church office at 413-664-9656.