Apr 29, 2017

City Council


Council President:

Benjamin J. Lamb
23 Marion Avenue North Adams, MA 01247
Phone: 413-274-8497

Council Vice President: 

Nancy P. Bullett 
42 Maple Street North Adams, MA 01247
Phone: 413-663-7895


Lisa M. Blackmer
74 Cleveland Avenue  North Adams, MA 01247
Phone: 413-884-5874

Keith J. Bona
179 North Street  North Adams,  MA  01247
Phone: 413-664-0729

Ronald A. Boucher


Eric R. Buddington
23 Warren Street North Adams,  MA  01247
Phone: 413-346-3060


Kate Hanley Merrigan
201 East Main Street  North Adams,  MA  01247
Phone: 413-346-7937


Joshua J. Moran
138 Catherine Street  North Adams,  MA  01247
Phone: 401-290-8761


Robert R. Moulton Jr
City Council Rules of Order: City Council Rules of Order
  Community Development Eric R. Buddington, Chair
  Lisa M. Blackmer
  Nancy P. Bullett
  Finance Lisa M. Blackmer, Chair
  Ronald A. Boucher
  Keith J. Bona
  General Government Kate Hanley Merrigan, Chair
  Eric R. Buddington
  Robert M. Moulton Jr.
  Public Safety Robert R. Moulton Jr., Chair
  Kate Hanley Merrigan
  Joshua J. Moran
  Public Services Joshua J. Moran, Chair
  Keith J. Bona
  Ronald A. Boucher
  Airport Commission Nancy P. Bullett
  Bart Charter Public School Kate Hanley Merrigan
  Hoosac Water Quality District Eric R. Buddington
  Mass MoCA Commission Members Benjamin J. Lamb
  McCann Regional Technical High School Committee   Keith J. Bona
  North Adams Contributory Retirement Board Lisa M. Blackmer
  North Adams Housing Authority  Joshua J. Moran
  North Adams Planning Board Robert R. Moulton Jr.
  North Adams School Committee Ronald A. Boucher
  Traffic Commission Member Nancy P. Bullett
Meetings: Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month.
    City Council Chambers on the first floor of City Hall
Agenda: When available, Agendas and some Minutes are posted with Meeting & Notices.
Minutes: City Council Minutes 2017
  City Council Minutes 2016
  City Council Minutes 2015
  City Council Minutes 2014
  City Council Minutes 2013