Aug 08, 2020

Board of Health Meeting

February 19, 2020
Meetings & Notices

City of North Adams
Board of Health
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Law Library
February 19, 2020

Members Present: Chairman John Meaney, Kevin Lamb
Absent: October Cellana
Others Present: Director Michael Moore, Melissa Martin and James Foley

Chairman Meaney made a motion to accept and waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, second by Member Lamb. Unanimous vote.

Condemnation Hearing of 297 Eagle Street: Discussion regarding the condemnation of this property. Mr. Foley representing the owners informed the board that they purchased the property in the summer and had started to clean up the property and wondered why it will be deemed condemned. Mr. Foley questioned the fact that the dwelling was not occupied. Mr. Moore informed Mr. Foley that the dwelling does not have to be occupied in order to condemn. The condemnation means the building is unfit for human habitation. Mr. Foley stated that there are other properties in worse condition that are not condemned. Mr. Moore reminded Mr. Foley that we are only talking about this property. Mr. Moore replied he had a stack of 12 condemnations to come before the board tonight and he knew there were more out there but he is only one person. The stairs and the porch is unsafe claims Mr. Moore. So, a condemnation means that is unsafe. Mr. Foley asked Mr. Moore if he had conducted an inspection, Mr. Moore replied only the outside. Mr. Foley asked if there was a file on this property and there is not. Chairman Meaney asked Mr. Foley what the plan was for the property. Mr. Foley replied to renovate and sell; it needs a lot of work. The property as it sits now is a blight and they want to clean it up claims Mr. Foley. Being deemed condemned lowers the value of the building commented Mr. Foley. Chairman Meaney asked if there was a time line. In the spring mentioned Mr. Foley and completely renovated by the fall. We would like to remove the porch and construct a smaller porch, new roof, siding, windows and interior. Can you present in writing a plan asked Mr. Moore. Mr. Foley agreed and would present Director Moore a plan within one week of tonight’s meeting (2/26/2020). Member Lamb inquired about the letter of conditions. Mr. Foley said he addressed the porch pulling away and jacked it up. It was amess but cleaner and exposed now. There are no trespassing signs and cameras around the property mentioned Mr. Foley. Mr. Moore asked who is Brian. Mr. Foley said he was his son, Brian Intraversato. We want to work harmonious with the city claims Mr. Foley. The deed has not yet been registered mentioned Mr. Moore.

Motions were made by Chairman Meaney and seconded by member Lamb for the condemnations of the following properties: 141 Brooklyn Street, 21 Chantilly Avenue, 165 Church Street, 251 Eagle Street, 254 Eagle Street, 67-69 East Quincy Street, 215 Houghton Street, 12 Hudson Street, 7-13 Marietta Street, 1302 Massachusetts Avenue, 107 Veazie Street and 480 West Main Street. Member Lamb Mr. Moore mentioned that maybe a possibility of receivership on some properties in the city and try to get these properties turned around.

No New Business

Code Enforcement / Director Reports

95 – Total CCs Issued since last meeting
33 – Restaurant/Foodservice Inspections (9 Residential or NonProfit)
7 – Housing/Complaint Inspections – 4 Orders written
2 – Title 5 Witnessing – 1 insp/1perc – 410 W Shaft Rd


All Certified Mail notices have either been signed for, or if not, the notice has been posted on each property.
Lifted Condemnation @ 29 Dean St. New owner has renovated it for his son.


11/23/19 Festive @ Greylock Works. 21 Food Vendors
2/15/20 Winterfest. Chowder Contest 14 Vendors. Food/Farmers Market 6 Vendors.
12/12/19 Webinar on new State Tobacco Regs. Changed requirements of who can sell what & new signage requirements.
1/14/20 Seminar on Post-Overdose program at BRPC.
2/3/20 Conference call on Coronavirus Covid-19. More to follow.
1/30/20 Accompanied two AG attorneys on a tour of distressed properties to turn over for receivership.

25 Adams
211 Houghton
487 Union
11 Wesleyan
116 Church
321-23 W Main

Currently working through an online program that is essentially a primer on the topics required to become a Registered Sanitarian. Course is offered through Tulane University in conjunction with the CDC.

The next meeting will be March 18, 2020.

Meeting adjourned at 5:02pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa J. Martin





CC: City Clerks


• Approval of Minutes (November 20, 2019)

• Condemnation Hearing of 297 Eagle Street

• Condemnations: 141 Brooklyn Street
21 Chantilly Avenue
165 Church Street
251 Eagle Street
254 Eagle Street
67-69 East Quincy Street
215 Houghton Street
216 Hudson Street
7-11 Marietta Street
1302 Massachusetts Avenue
107 Veazie Street
480 West Main Street

• New Business

• Reports


John Meaney