May 31, 2020

Windsor Lake Recreation Commission Meeting

November 12, 2019
Meetings & Notices

Windsor Lake Recreation Commission
November 12, 2019 Agenda

Meeting will be held at City Hall, 5:30 pm, Conference Room 202.

ľ Read and accept minutes
ľ Campground update
ľ Review trail rules sign mock-up
ľ Open Meeting

Windsor Lake Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 5:30 pm

Commission Members Attending: Susan Chilson, Jenny Dunning, David Racette
At Large Attendees: Debbie Forgea

Read and accept minutes. Sue made the motion to accept, Jenny seconded. The motion passed unanimously, with David abstaining.
There was no update on the campground or campground fees for 2020.

Rules & Regulations.
We believe that the “Wildlife Sanctuary” signs that used to be in the park are no longer there. They read: “Wildlife Sanctuary / Hunting-Shooting-Trapping / Motorcycles-Snowmobiles-ATVs / PROHIBITED / per Order of City of No. Adams.”
Jenny has not been able to find a record of the park being a wildlife sanctuary; she checked with the Zoning Dept. and the Registry of Deeds.
The rules that the commission would like to post include:
• Stay on Trails
• Share the Trail (bikers yield to hikers and horses; hikers yield to horses; pass left, warn before passing)
• Dogs Must be Leashed
• Pick Up After Dogs
• Do Not Alter or Remove Plants or Wildlife
• Motorized Vehicles Prohibited
• Carry In, Carry Out (Litter)
• Alcohol and Smoking Prohibited
• Fires Prohibited

The commission was unsure about whether No Hunting should be included. If it is to be allowed, a warning poster should be posted. The wildlife sanctuary designation might make this a moot point.

Jenny noted that the rules for the MCLA Forest generally align with these rules with the exception that they do not prohibit motorized vehicles. We could request that they add that rule.

For the day use area, rules should include:
• No Dogs
• Children Should be Accompanied by Parent or Responsible Guardian
The commission would like as many of the rules as possible to be represented as images. Various examples of park rules were shared.
Sue suggested that we hold programs next spring to educate people about hiking etiquette. We would like to get across the message that all should practice common sense, be polite, be informed, be respectful, and be someone that set an example for others. This could be included on a rules poster.

Open Meeting.
Debbie said that there should be trash barrels at the boat dock. Others suggested that to avoid animals knocking over the trash, it would be better to post the “Carry In, Carry Out” rule at the boat dock.
Debbie said that there is still a trash problem in the park and campground. There needs to be more coordination of trash collection. Part-time seasonal workers could do more picking up of trash. The campground manager should monitor this.
The Doberman is still running loose in the mornings on a regular basis. Debbie reported the license plate of the dog’s owner: 2CS345; it’s a blue car. Jenny said that she would pass on the complaint and license plate to the police.
Motion to Adjourn: Sue made the motion to adjourn and David seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 6:27 pm.