Feb 19, 2020

Windsor Lake Recreation Commission Meeting

September 10, 2019
Meetings & Notices

Windsor Lake Recreation Commission
September 10, 2019 Agenda

Meeting will be held at City Hall, 5:30 pm, Law Library.

Read and accept minutes
Rules & Regulations
Campground Fees for 2020
Open Meeting
Windsor Lake Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 5:30 pm

Commission Members Attending: Susan Chilson, Jenny Dunning, Larry Jowett
At Large Attendees: Mike Canales, Tammy Daniels, Wendy Sherman,

Read and accept minutes. Larry made the motion to accept, Jenny seconded. The motion passed unanimously, with Susan abstaining.
Campground Fees. The current rate is $1,980 for the season; deposits are due in 2 weeks. Mike said that it was previously decided to tie rate hikes to improvements. If a rate hike is announced after the deposit due date, the city can give campers a window for withdrawing their deposit. This will allow us to make a final decision about a rate hike next month.
Mike explained that the city plans to make major improvements to the campground, in particular upgrading electric, reconfiguring sites to accommodate modern campers (RVs), tying in water and sewer to the city systems throughout the campground, and fixing drainage issues, within the next 24 months. The last major improvements were made in the 1970s. However, before moving forward, he wants a commitment to keeping the campground open for approximately the next 30 years. The campground does generate a profit, but the city will have to borrow funds for major improvements, paying them back over 20 years. He estimates the cost of electric upgrades will be $3-4000,000. Individual sites will be metered (for seasonal campers only) and set up for 50 amps. The improvements might be made in phases, with rates rising in stages.
Wendy confirmed that if the upgrades are made, she will be able to fill the slots. She noted that she favors leaving the lake loop as is, however. The majority of our campers are local families. While our rates are currently very affordable, we dont want to price our local families out.
Sue said that we need more information about what needs to be done and what it will cost. Mike said that a study, which will cost approximately $10,000, could be done next spring.
In the meantime, he will work with Wendy to decide what small improvements are needed for next season, such a purchasing a Gator for the staff, and will propose rates with a small increase at the October meeting.
Campground. Wendy reported that things are wrapping up at the campground. Reservations are full for Fresh Grass and Columbus Day weekends, after which the campground will close.
Wendy clarified that campers know golf carts cannot be driven to the concerts. Current rules require only that only licensed drivers drive carts. For next season, Wendy will expand rules to prevent the kinds of issues that have been coming up.
Rule & Regulations. There are no blanket rules for North Adams parks. The board decided to research rules for similar parks, including North Pond and other state parks and the MCLA Forest.
Susan urged that we keep the rules positive, beginning with a welcome statement and avoiding the word no. We want to keep them simple, using images as much as possible, some with the red slash.
While we didnt draft rules, we did make these suggestions (not necessarily this language):
For Day Use Area
o no dogs
o no littering (pack in, carry out)
o no smoking
o no alcohol consumption
o children under age of ___ must be attended by adult

For Trail Area
o dogs on leash only
o no motorized vehicles
o pack in, carry out
o possibly clarify that there is no hunting on city-owned areas
Lake. Jenny shared MCLA student E. coli testing results (Kennedy Clarks students), which found high concentrations (214.3 colony-forming units/100 ml.) at the boat ramp. These were from a single test, and are not definitive. Mike said that the Health Dept. tests the lake at multiple locations weekly, and that there have not been any issues this summer. In previous summers, low rainfall levels have resulted in the lake not having any outflow at times when E. coli has been a problem. Jenny asked if the private homes on the lake are on septic or city sewer; the 2 properties near the boat ramp are on septic, others on sewer.
Larry noted that there are weeds in the lake. Mike said the city will put out bids for treatment. Typically, silky spider pond weed is treated in the fall, phragmites in the spring. He will get us the report.
Motion to Adjourn: Larry made the motion to adjourn and Susan seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 6:39 pm.