Dec 05, 2019

Windsor Lake Park Commission Meeting

July 09, 2019
Meetings & Notices

Windsor Lake Park Commission July 9, 2019 Agenda

Meeting will be held at Windsor Lake Park. Site visit at 4 pm. Open meeting in public pavilion at 5:30 pm.

Note: Future agenda items should be submitted to Jenny or Arlen at least 1 week before meeting.

Formation of sub-committees
Dream list and discussion of 3, 6 and 9-year plans
Signage updateXneed to review language
Discuss desired trail density
Ongoing issuesX
X Dogs in park
X Campground
Life Guards
Open Meeting
Windsor Lake Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 5:30 pm

Commission Members Attending: Arlen Cellana, Susan Chilson, Jenny Dunning, Larry Jowett, David Racette
At Large Attendees: Mike Canales, Wendy Sherman, Debbie Forgea, Vic Modena

Election of Secretary: Jenny Dunning volunteered to be secretary. Susan moved to nominate Jenny; David seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.
Drainage Issues in Campground: Vic Modina (seasonal camper) brought up problem of drainage. After a heavy rain, the lower roads get washed out. Larry asked if Tim Lescarbeau, city engineer, can evaluate. Wendy reported that he has been to investigate but needs to return. Drainage pipes may be plugged. Susan suggested this could be part of our 3-year plan.
Campground Report: Wendy reported that the campground has been busy since opening. We were full over Memorial Day weekend. A spelunking group visited. We currently have a waitlist of 30.
Trails Update: Arlen says that we should get the park boundaries marked and labeled. The Haupt Tunnel should be inspected. Jenny will do historical research about when the city acquired the property, approximate boundaries, etc.
Dog Issues: There have been several incidents with dogs off leash in the park, including one in which a neighbor was seriously injured. A Doberman is often off-leash near the parking area in the early mornings. Summer employees will be able to help enforce the rules.
Better Signage Needed: Signs should be placed at all entrances to the trail system. Signs should emphasize that dogs should be leashed for their own safety. They should say that the area is a wildlife sanctuary. Neither hunting or ATVs are allowed.
Mike Canales clarified that in the state of Massachusetts, comfort animals are allowed in areas where dogs are not permitted if leashed and under control; there is no official documentation required for these animals and park personnel cannot ask what purpose they serve.
Golf Carts in Park: Some campers are driving golf carts, which are allowed in the campground, on trails and in day-use area. Some watch concerts from them. Mike Canales said that park employees can ask them to park in the lot; however, golf carts and segues are recognized as mobility devices and thus are permitted if drivers say they use them for mobility accommodation (again, state law specifies that people only need self-identify). Mike will ask John Zustra to enforce rules about carts only being permitted in the campground except for handicapped use. Wendy will inform seasonal employees of policy.
Driving up to Lake: Some park users are driving up to the lake. Mike will see that more stones are placed on the lawn to prevent this.
Life Guards at Beach: Mike explained that this season there will no longer be city life guards at the beach. Camps and school groups will be required to provide their own guards. There are no life guard signs at the beach.
Lock on Gate: Wendy reported that there is no lock on the gate for musicians and the gate doesnt shut. Mike will see that the gate is secure and has a lock.
Collection of Parking Fees: Mike said that cold weather delayed the collection of parking fees, but that will start this weekend.
Meeting at Park: Susan suggested holding a future meeting at the park. We could do a site visit at 4 pm and meet at the public pavilion after. We will hold the July 9 meeting at the park. This will need to be posted as it is an open meeting. Tim Lescarbeau or someone else will attend as Mike will be on vacation.
Motion to Adjourn: Alen made the motion to adjourn and Larry seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 6:32 pm.

Action Items:
City will evaluate and address drainage problems, secure musicians gate, and place stones on lawn.
Jenny will research park boundaries and charter.