Aug 14, 2020

Mass Hire Berkshire Workforce Board Meeting

June 13, 2019
Meetings & Notices

Annual Meeting - Thursday, June 13, 2019
8:00-9:15 AM
Berkshire Health Systems
Bishop Clapp Building, 742 North Street, Pittsfield


Call to Order , Eva Sheridan, President

I. Reading and Approval of Records (2 minutes)
Minutes of March 14, 2019 meeting (previously mailed)

II. Announcements/Communications (3 minutes)
Next BCREB Board meeting, Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 8:00 AM
Committee Meetings will be announced
Communications new board members Jerry Burke, Sarah Alfonso, Becky Recker

III. Committee Recommendations
A. Nomination Committee Board, Youth Council and Officer Nominations for FY2020 (vote) Ellen Kennedy, Committee Chair (5 minutes)

IV. Annual Business (10 minutes)
A. Conflict of Interest Policy (vote)
B. Declaration of conflict of interest/statement of confidentiality form
C. FY2020 Calendar; FY2020 Holiday Schedule
D. Treasurer Report, James Brosnan (vote)
E. FY2020 Budget, James Brosnan (vote)
F. Rent 2020

V. New Business (15 minutes)
By-Law Revision (vote)
Diversity Statement (vote)
Individual Training Account review for Q4 (vote)
FY2020 Preliminary Business Plan (vote)
FY2020 WIA Title I Youth recommendations (vote)
Connecting Activities FY2020 Awards (vote)

VI. Annual Awards (15 minutes)

VII. State and Regional Activities (15 minutes)
WIB Certification & Career Center Monitoring

VIII. Reports
A. Youth Director and MassHire Berkshire Career Center Reports will be distributed

IX. Adjournment

City and Town Clerks: Please post this notice pursuant to M.G.L., Chapter 39, Section