May 24, 2019

North Adams Airport Commission Meeting

March 19, 2019
Meetings & Notices

The North Adams Airport Commission Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, March 19th 2019 @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers
1st. floor at City Hall the agenda is as follows;

1.) Warrant: Signing of the expenses to be paid

2.) Minutes: Approval of Minutes from 1/15/19.
No February Meeting.. ( No Quorum)

3.) Airport Report: Update of Airport operations by Administrative Officer, Michael Canales.

4.) Engineering: Administrative Building Project Update Report.

5.) Open Forum:

6.) Adjourn:

Minutes, Tuesday March 19th, 2019.
Chairman Jeffrey Naughton, called meeting of the North Adams Airport
Commission to order @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor, City Hall.

PRESENT: Jeff Naughton- Chairman
Shaun Dougherty
Marc Morandi
Jason LaForest – Liasion
Dean Bullett

ABSENT: Paul Boillat

MINUTES: Approved


AIRPORT REPORT: Date: 3-19-19

Old Business Update:
- None

New Business:

Airport Needs:
- None

City Yard Requests / Resolutions:

Ramp Tie-Down Aircraft:

NOTAMS Published:

Accidents / Incidents:
- None

Complaints / Reports Filed: Mike Canales, said he had 1 complaint of Jet fuel smell at the airport. Bill Greenwald was notified and is going to look into the matter.


Peter Enzien of Stantec Consulting Services, the airport's engineer, told the Airport Commission on Tuesday that since the building’s move earlier this year, the contractor has been steadily working on the interior and exterior of the building.

"Since they moved the building, all of the under slab, piping and conduits have been installed for the electric and plumbing," he said. "The floor slab was completed just before mid-February … they figured they were a couple of weeks ahead of schedule."

The city and commission agreed to recycle and use the vacant medical building that sat just off Route 2 on airport land after funding gaps prevented the city from building a completely new structure.

The 8,700-square-foot building was lifted and moved back on to the airport campus with a motorized trailer in mid-January.

The building was donated to the city by Berkshire Health Systems and will hold an office and classroom space, public restrooms, and a food service operation.

Peter Enzien said much of the interior framing work is complete.

"They have completed most of the building framing on the first and second floors if you go in now you can see all of the rooms," he said. "They are framing the front entry and the stair tower to the east."

He said the rough-ins for the HVAC, electrical, and fire suppression should be installed by the end of the month and site work should commence in April.

He said the next steps are insulating and drywall.

Peter Enzien said most of the foundation and debris from the former location has been removed and this work will be complete once the demolition contractor returns.

He said some crushed stone has been placed in the parking area to combat the mud from the winter thaw but this will be eventually paved.

Peter Enzien said although the contractor has hopes of finishing early the contract is that they have until the end of July.

In other business, Peter Enzien said the city can now purchase mowing equipment to help maintain the perimeter of the airport.

"We do have a contract … the city can move forward with the purchase," he said. "Once we get the orders out they will be delivered to the city."
The equipment will be Caterpillar.

OPEN FORUM: Marc Candiloro of Turbo-Prop had concerns for Peter from Stantec, re: the broken up blacktop coming into the airport and behind his building, his concern is that if it let go to long it is going to fill up with water and start making its way into his building.. Peter assured Mark that the problem behind his building will be taken care of.. The driveway into the airport is not on the grant and is not being done at this time. Mike Milazzo wanted to know where the new mowing equipment will be stored. Mike Canales told Mr. Milazzo that in the summertime the mower and summer equipment will be stored at the airport, and in the winter they will switch and put the summer equipment at the City Yard. Mark Candiloro wanted to know who is issuing gate passes, Mike Canales to him to talk to Bill Greenwald.

ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn was made by Shaun and seconded by Dean. The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.