Aug 08, 2020

North Adams Traffic Commission Meeting

October 22, 2018
Meetings & Notices

10 Main Street
North Adams, MA 01247

October 10, 2018

The regular meeting of the Traffic Commission will take place on Monday, October 22, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in the second floor conference room at City Hall.
The agenda will be as follows:
1. Create a No Parking Zone on North Street at the intersection of Houghton St. Tabled from last meeting
2. Remove Resident Only Parking on Montana St. and Hoosac Street. Tabled from last meeting.
3. Discussion on Crosswalk at Church and Bradley Streets.
4. Traffic concerns from Councilor Lamb concerning Eagle Street, Ashland Street and Pleasant Street.
5. Complete Streets decision.
6. Holden Street residents Assc. Having concerns in regards to Center St. Lot and price of permits.

MaryAnn King
North Adams Traffic Commission Minutes

Members Present
Eric Buddington
MaryAnn King
Amanda Chilson
Dave Sacco
Steve Rondeau
Paul Markland

Media Present
Tammy Daniels

Complete Streets
Mike Canales

Katherine Montgomery
Marilyn Gomeau
Kevin Hempstead
James Peters
William Oberst
Ben Lamb
Emily Schiavoni
Otto Lamb
Bryan Sapienza
Howard ?

Meeting Start Time: 6:30pm
Motion to Approve June meeting minutes-Amanda, Paul second-all in favor- minutes approved.

1. No Parking Zone on North St. at intersection with Houghton- need exact footage for ordinance-Paul and MaryAnn will measure this-both sides of North Street would be No Parking-Neighbors received letter in regards to this issue-Motion passed-MaryAnn obstained
2. Remove Resident Only Parking on Montana St. and Hoosac St.-Residents on these streets were notified of this- Katherine Montgomery read letter she wrote and petition she got signed- are there placards that could be given to residents vs. stickers to save City money from ordering stickers-Motion 1- Motion to leave Montana St. as it- motion seconded-all in favor-Motion 2- Motion to remove resident parking only on applicable part of Hoosac-motion seconded-all in favor
3. Crosswalk at Church and Bradley Sts.-In reading Stantecís report their recommendation is because of poor sight lines and current speed limit- crosswalk not recommended-are there other possibilities for crosswalk locations on Church-not without construction and big projects- Motion-Based on Stantec study crosswalk not recommended-motion seconded-all in favor. Traffic commission send letter to NAPS Department to recommend for bus to stop at bottom of Bradley St. as an extra stop- MaryAnn will draft and bring up at school safety meeting
4. Traffic concerns from Councilor Lamb-Eagle, Ashland and Pleasant Sts.-Time sensitive issues in regards to traffic issues and safety- Ask NAPD to run radar on all three- Have Pleasant and Eagle charted- Could speed limit be lowered to 20 mph in future? More speed limit signs on Ashland- Motion for more speed limit signs on Ashland St. and enforcement. Eagle St. and Pleasant street enforcement, have charted to come back to traffic commission in January. MaryAnn write letter to Dir. Cozzaglio
5. Complete Streets- Amanda presented new and existing Complete Street projects approval process, as well as the draft of Complete Street Policy being drafted into local ordinances.
6. Holden St. residents Assoc. having concerns in regards to Center St. lot and permit prices-the entrance off route 2 by Public is dangerous and blind corner-proposed raised crosswalks-Motion to table this concern to January meeting for members to look at corner and take pictures and think of further ideas- motion seconded-al in favor. Parking Permitting prices- cheaper to rent parking space in St. Anthonyís lot- location of handicap spaces- concern of purchasing parking permits and guest passes during business days/times only and that being the only way- Motion to table to January meeting. In the mean time MaryAnn will check in with Kathy Wall and kiosk possibilities

Barbour St/Phelps Ave 4 way stop concern and people not stopping. Speeding concern on Phelps Ave. Cars running red light at end of Phelps and Rt. 2- Concerns raised by Jim Peters- Put on Agenda for January meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:01pm