Aug 14, 2020

North Adams Airport Commission Meeting

May 15, 2018
Meetings & Notices

The North Adams Airport Commission will hold its monthly meeting
Tuesday, May 15th 2018 @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor at City Hall the agenda is as follows;


Tuesday May 15th 2018

1.) Minutes:

2.) Warrant:

3.) Airport Managerís Report:

4.) Minimum Standards:

5.) Hangar Office Space:

6.) Project Update:

7.) Open Forum:

8.) Adjournment:

Minutes, Tuesday May 15th 2018
Chairman Jeffrey Naughton, called meeting of the North Adams Airport
Commission to order @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor, City Hall.

PRESENT: Jeff Naughton- Chairman ` Dean Bullett
Marc Morandi

ABSENT: Paul Boillat
Shaun Dougherty

MINUTES: Approved



Airport Managerís Report:

Date: 5-15-18

Old Business Update:
- Gate 4 lock is again functional
- Av gas fuel pump issues addressed today by Lakes Region
- Gate 8 operator failed and was repaired by Berkshire Fence due to a dead battery
- Gate 5 failed and required a new "radio"
New Business:
- The electronic lock at the FBO has been set to the 5 digits of the ASOS frequency.
Airport Needs:
- None
City Yard Requests / Resolutions:
- Still waiting on the removal of the agricultural tire in the area east of the south hangar
- The soaring club is still waiting for the water to be turned on
- Can we get numbers painted on the pavement to number our tie downs?
Ramp Tie-Down Aircraft:
Other than three spots for transients in the main row, we are sold out of tie down spaces until both Bennington and Pittsfield airports are back in service. The two spaces in the taxi lane to Turbo, west of the fuel farm, are only available, except under duress, for short-stay weekend use. We also have two grass tie downs available for transients: one near the south hangar and one in front of the CAP building. All the rest of our tie downs are rented, and even if vacant, should be considered as unusable. The three transient spots are numbers 1, 3 and 17 as counted from the west to the east.

NOTAMS Published:
- One for no AV gas due to new credit card terminal installation
Accidents / Incidents:
- None
Complaints / Reports Filed:
- None
Maintenance and Security Monitoring:
- None
Fuel Statistics:
Av Gas Tank reading: 4,784 gallons
Used since last report: 479 gallons
Av Gas Price per Gallon: $4.69
New England average price per gallon: $5.38
New England lowest price per gallon: $3.99
New England highest price per gallon: $7.99
National average: $5.00
National lowest price per gallon: $3.30
National highest price per gallon: $9.06

Minimum Standards: Chairman Naughton asked if everyone had read over the minimum standards agreement from the April meeting. Jeff asked a motion to be made to adapt this minimum standards agreement to every rental going forward. A motion to accept was made by Marc and seconded by Dean.

Hangar Office Space: Jeff asked if we could table this to the next meeting in June due to the parties that have interest in the space could not be at the May meeting. Alex Kelly had all his paperwork in order and was upset that we have to table this because some people could not make it. Mike Milazzo was upset that we keep pushing this off. Alex Kelly spoke his point as to why he wants the space. He has the letter of approval to operate at the airport from the City of North Adams, Marc and the Commission made a motion to let Mr. Kelly / Taconic Aviation have use of the classroom space temporarily until June 30th 2018 at this point, the commission will have heard all the other proposals and then make their decision on the hangar office space. An amended motion made by Marc and seconded by Dean Bullett.

Project Update: Peter Enzien from STANTEC. Just waiting on the grant applications and grant offers that have already been sent. They can start in August. Peter had a meeting Re: The Admin. Building and said he is just waiting on all finalizations of the grants and approval from the FAA as the city moves forward.

Open Forum: The audience had several questions re: Mike Candiloro from Turbo Prop had a question re: his building being blocked by the tie-downs. He would like access to his building and make sure the tie downs are freed up.
There were several questions about NOTAMS. Jeff asked Bill to check into this. Bill called the FAA and said there is a standard NOTAM and he will get more information and clarify it more clearly. Turbo prop would like a NOTAM when Alex Kelly is going to jump. Someone asked about the fuel at the airport Jeff said it is strictly pay at the pump. Dave Fierro City Auditor has control of the gas and test cards along with Michael Canales. Mike Milazzo would like the commission to consider sq ft. price on all city properties. He said there should be a set price. Jeff said he will take this into consideration. Dan Caplinger had question why are people doing run offs at the end of runway. He is a resident and has heard no complaints but would like to have the go to the appropriate space. Mr. Kelly wants another letter to operate from Mike Canales. The next meeting the hangar space will have been decided.

Adjournment: Motion made to adjourn, Marc seconded by Dean.

Meeting adjourned @ 4:50 p.m.