Nov 21, 2019

North Adams CEDAB Meeting

May 07, 2018
Meetings & Notices

Community & Economic Development Advisory Board (CEDAB)

The North Adams CEDAB will hold a meeting on Monday, May 7, 2018 at 4:00 PM. The meeting will take place in the second floor Conference Room # 218 of City Hall.

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome & Agenda Hand out:

2. Update/review of Current Projects

a. FY’14-18 DLTA Grant (local zoning work)
b. FY’15 DLTA Grant (regional “EDD” district”)
c. FY’2016 CDBG/Mini-Entitlement grant
d. FY’2017 CDBG/Mini-Entitlement grant
e. FY’2018 CDBG/Mini-Entitlement grant
f. Mohawk Theater
g. FY’2017 Mass Historic Grant on “Inventory” work
h. FY’18 PARC grant round
i. “Complete Street’s” program
j. “Green Communities” designation
k. FY’16-17 MassWorks on Greylock Works
l. FY’16 MassWorks on EMRCA
m. FY’18 MassWorks
n. MDI FY’18

3. Review on FY’19 CDBG grant round

a. Review/update on CDS
b. Potential activities

4. Other Questions/Comments:

Thank you.

Larysa Bernstein
Office of Community Development