Jul 23, 2019

Airport Commission Meeting

April 17, 2018
Meetings & Notices

The North Adams Airport Commission will hold its monthly meeting
Tuesday, April 17th 2018 @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor at City Hall the agenda is as follows;


Tuesday April 17th 2018

1.) Minutes:

2.) Warrant:

3.) Airport Manager�s Report:

4.) Alex Kelly Business Proposal:

5.) Project Updates:

6.) Administrative: Lease minimum standards
7.) Open Forum:

8.) Adjournment:

Minutes, Tuesday APRIL 17TH 2018
Chairman Jeffrey Naughton, called meeting of the North Adams Airport
Commission to order @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor, City Hall.

PRESENT: Jeff Naughton- President
Shaun Dougherty ` Dean Bullett
Marc Morandi

ABSENT: Paul Boillat

MINUTES: Approved


Date: 04-17-2018

Airport Manager�s Report:

Old Business Update:

- None
New Business:
New AV gas credit card terminal to be installed 4-18-18 This terminal will be managed 100% by the City of North Adams.

Airport Needs:
- None
City Yard Requests / Resolutions:
- Still waiting the removal of the old Aggi tire east of the South Hangar.

Ramp Tie-Down Aircraft:
We have no remaining TIE DOWNS available due to the temporary closing of Bennington and Pittsfield Airports.

NOTAMS Published:
Several all surface condition related.
There will be a 180� AGL crane NOTAM west of the field that will start sometime next week and continue for 2-3 months. The crane will be lit and flagged.

Accidents / Incidents:
- None
Complaints / Reports Filed:
- None
Maintenance and Security Monitoring: No Issues

Fuel Statistics:
Av Gas Tank reading: 5,263 gallons (4090 gallon delivery on 4-9-18.
Used since last report: 547gallons
Av Gas Price Per Gallon: $4.69
New England average price per gallon: $5.34
New England lowest price per gallon: $3.99
New England highest price per gallon: $7.99
National average: $4.95
National lowest price per gallon: $3.30
National highest price per gallon: $8.95

Alex Kelly (Business Proposal & LEASES: This should have not been on the agenda. It was decided in March meeting to approve a flight and towing school for Mr. Kelly. Jeff told Mr. Kelly he would get the letter to operate at the end of the April meeting.

Project Updates: ( Stantec): Peter Enzien brought the commission up to date
RE: AIP Projects: Peter said the gates and hangar projects are complete. They are waiting on the City Reimbursement before Stantec can close out the grants.. The 2018 grant application is Due May 1, 2018 Peter will update May 2018 meeting.

Lease minimum standards: Michael Canales spoke with Peter from Stantec and he said as a commission we should all agree on the mark up. Waiting for Peter to speak to other airports� Michael handed out copies and wants the commission to read it over along with the Minimum Standards and will have answers in the May Meeting.. We also have 2 people requesting classroom space and Mike Canales said the commission will look over the letters and put on agenda for discussion for the Leases, minimum Standards.

Open Forum: The audience had several questions re: Trevor Gilman and his exoneration. They want to know why he is not reinstated on the board. Mike Sarouf asked about the museum project at the airport and Jeff said he will look into in and get back to him. Sue mead spoke on Trevor Gilman�s behalf asking to be reinstated since he was exonerated. A few questions were directed to Mayor to have Trevor reinstated. A few audience members requesting copies of the min. standards and leases. Alex Kelly spoke and spoke to the commission and said he want to get along with everyone and wants peace for the airport. Another member stood up and asked if we could add diesel fuel to the airport
fuel inventory. Bill said will look into it.

Adjournment: Motion made to adjourn, by Shaun seconded by Dean.

Meeting ended 4:55 p.m.