Aug 17, 2019

Finance Committee of the City Council Meeting

April 11, 2018
Meetings & Notices

April 11, 2018

The Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday April 11th at 6:00pm in City Council Chambers


Review of the Draft Budget for FY’19.

Councilor Wayne Wilkinson

North Adams City Council - Finance Committee Meeting-April 11, 2018 Additional Meeting Minutes of FY19 Draft Budget, by Marie Harpin
1. Revenue Discussions:
• Sewer Fee is showing 75% of water fees. Last year the City Council approved an increase of sewer to 50% of water. Mr. Canales states approval was for a dollar amount not a percentage.
• Revenue of school tuition showing almost $200,000 less than last year and FY2016 Actual.
• Mayor Bernard stated there is a possible shift in both these figures which will decrease sewer fees and increase tuition revenue.
• Councilor Harpin asked why revenue for parking was not reported. Mr. Canales stated those revenues go into a reserve which is used for yearly police vehicles.
2. General Government Discussions:
• City Clerk part time position is allowing for two months of payroll, however City Clerk Gomeau indicated the part time clerk should be hired prior to November election to get experience through an election cycle. Council President Bona stated an Adhoc Council
Committee has been established to review department due to upcoming retirement of City Clerk.
• Councilor Harpif1 made a broad statement acknowledging most employees at high end or maximum pay scale which indicates many employees will be retiring soon which will be a reduction in city knowledge. Councilor Lamb agreed and Mayor Bernard stated he is aware and we may see a wave of retirements.
• Director of Purdhasing salary is part time in Purchasing and the other half of that person's salary can be fo΅nd in Community Development as employee is working both departments.
• Law Department Solicitor salary has moved to Litigation Expense due to retirement of solicitor and contracting with KP Law.
• MIS (Information Systems) has on call stipend for "Jed", who works off site when needed which is budgeted for $9,125.
• MIS (Information Systems) has large miscellaneous purchase of $25,000 which was questioned by Councilor Harpin. Mr. Canales stated it was for software. Councilor Harpin stated if this is software then it should be allocated on the software line and not miscellaneous.
• Office of Tourism Director is now full-time position which is based on employee's actual, time worked per Mayor Bernard.
3. Unclassified Discussion:
• Medical insurance has dropped from last year and is insurance through Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) which puts the city in a bigger pool of insured and lower costs.
• Mr. Canales stated Community Block Grants were cut last year raising the city's portion of salary expense.

• Councilor Harpin questioned the zero budget in Cable Commission as there appears to be a large community cable concern. Discussions established the city no longer has a cable commission and there is nothing we can do beyond our contract.
• Councilor Harpin asked about audit expense of $39,000 and if there is any possibility of bidding out the audit to other providers to get a lower cost. Currently auditor is Scanlon and everyone happy with services.
• Reserve Account of $SO,OOO was budgeted for raises, however Mr. Canales states this is overstated as budget already reflect all salary increases. This can possibly be lowered.
4. Capital Expenses Discussion:
• Councilor Harpin asked what the solar effect was and Mr. Canales stated about
$1SO,OOO per year.
• $4,000 on the line of Public Service should be moved to elevators.
5. Interest/Debt Discussion:
• Mayor Bernard stated $754,000 coming off longterm debt next year.
• Councilor Harpin asked what the interest on the short term debt represented. Mayor Bernard stated the street sweeper and other items purchased last year.