Jul 12, 2020

Board of Health Meeting

March 21, 2018
Meetings & Notices

City of North Adams
Board of Health
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Conference Room #202


• Approval of Minutes (January 17, 2018)
• Berkshire Public Health Alliance
• Fracked Gas Infrastructure
• Public Hearing - Condemnation (11-13 Wesleyan Street, Robert Rotondi)
• Reports


John Meaney

March 21, 2018
Members Present: John Meaney, and October Cellana
Absent: Kevin Lamb

Others Present: William Meranti, (Director of Inspection Services), Melissa Martin (BOH Secretary), Michael Moore (Code Enforcement),
Mark Bushee (Sealer of Weights & Measure), Rachel Branch, Jennifer Kimball & Leslie Drager (Berkshire Health Alliance)

Chairman Meaney made a motion to accept and waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, second by October Cellana. Unanimous vote.

Berkshire Health Alliance: Jennifer wanted to attend the meeting to inform the board what the Alliance does, can do and provide the FY 2019 contract and to see if the board has any questions. The Alliance started because of sharing regional resource services within the communities. They provide Inspectional Services and Public Health Nursing services. They work together with communities on opioid awareness and emergency preparedness. They provide services for cities and towns that don’t have enough staff to cover, such as Infectious Disease or Maven, disease surveillance. They also offer flu clinics and provide public health education. They provide assistance on communicable diseases, such as Norovirus. The contract went up $89. They investigate usually 100 communicable disease cases and in the past as much as 200 cases. The city has a large communicable disease load such as Rabies, Hep A outbreaks at schools. They provide flu clinics within the city. They are partners with Tapestry. Leslie Dragger (Public Health Nurse) comments on a potential mumps case that could have gone out of control because the patient works with a lot of the homeless and she is a chef. However, the test was negative. Leslie stated that tick borne disease is rising in the city. Jennifer provided the board with communicable disease reports from 2015 to present. Member Cellana asked if they keep tabs on infrastructure in prominent areas. Reports can be generated from 25 of 32 towns in Berkshire County.

At the last meeting there was much discussion. Chairperson Meaney made a motion to send a letter to Governor Baker in support of an independent health impact assessment prior to authorization of any natural gas infrastructure project in the Commonwealth. Motion was second by Member Cellana. Unanimous vote. Ms. Branch thanked the board.

Public Hearing (11-13 Wesleyan Street / Robert Rotondi)
Director Moore sent a letter to board and secure but wanted to have this property officially condemned. Mr. Rotondi did contact from Director Moore stating that he did want to bring this property back to a sell able condition within the year. It is now secured.

The board was provided with a report for review (see attached). A motion was made by Chairperson Meaney to accept the Director / Code Enforcement report, second by Member Cellana. Unanimous vote.

The next Meeting will be April 18, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa J. Martin


Cc Mayor Thomas Bernard

Code Enforcement:
Inspection Services:
69 – Total CCs Issued since 01/17/2018
$400 – Fines Collected for apartments occupied without a CC
9 – Residential Kitchen & Restaurant Inspections
25 – ‘Other’ Inspections

17 Phelps – Emergency condemnation; water break

332 E Main – 1/22 Condemned (unfit for habitation) due to a fire in heat unit. Heat unit was replaced by the landlord and the condemnation was lifted on 1/25.

3 Olds – 2/12 Emergency condemnation. Unsanitary conditions. Tenant abandoned apartment and owner is currently in process of rehabilitating unit.

29 Yale – 3/9 Condemned on basis of lack of electricity. Occupant let electric service lapse and we received a complaint.

11 Wesleyan - Condemned. Letter of hearing notification sent on 2/23. Owner has been in contact and claims to have plans to rehabilitate property with intent to sell. Does not intend to attend hearing.


Two baiting inspections conducted for a garage demolition at 689 Church St. and the small barn on Liberty St near Eagle St.

Application review and approval of new Body Art Establishment – Lucky Cat at 14 Ashland.

Inspection of a Hennery at 77 Natural Bridge Road revealed a coop that is unfit for intended purpose. Owner has been ordered and is willing to build a new coop this spring.

Michael attended the FDA/MEHA co-sponsored conference on FoodBorne Illness investigations in Taunton on Feb 6-8.
Michael and Mark attended the Certified Pool Operator Course on March 15-16.
Michael and Mark are scheduled to attend a seminar on Bedbug Investigation Response, new Lead Regulations & other Public Health Initiatives on March 27.

Respectfully Submitted:

Michael D. Moore
Health Director