Dec 15, 2017

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2017.12 North Adams Retirement 5th Board Member Application
2017.11 Request For Proposals (RFP) Pownal Land Advertisement
2017.08 2017 Notice of Intent To Release Funds
2017.06 2018 Public Hearing PARC Grant
  2017 DHCD Draft One Year Action Plan
  2017 BID NA-2017-019 Mohawk Theater Stabilization
2017.05 2017 CDBG Social Services RFP
2017.04 OCD BID NA-2017-016 Neighborhood Demolition Program
2017.04 OCD BID NA-2017-006 Greylock Mill & Community Infrastructure Improvements
2017.01 North Adams Retirement Board For Proposals Custodian Bank Services (RFP)
2015.03 City's Request For Proposals (RFP)

City's FY'13 Social Services Campaign for Grant Moneys Now Available
2013.07 2013 Municipal Election Schedule
2012.02 North Adams School Improvement Progress Report February 2012
2011.04 North Adams School Improvement Progress Report April 2011
2011.03 North Adams School Improvement Progress Report March 2011
2011.03 Massachusetts Broadband Technology Summit Presentations